Design Consulting
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Have you been working on a project, but wish you could get the opinion of a designer before you move forward? Or maybe you feel stuck and need someone to play ideas off of? There are so many parts to designing your home and we understand how overwhelming it can be. We’d love to be your right hand women and help bring you comfort in the choices you’ve made or help guide you in a direction that will help pull your space together.

​Are you wondering if Design Consulting is right for you? Let's see if you connect with any of the following scenarios…

  • I've been working on a space, but feel stuck.

  • I've selected furniture and/or decor, but am nervous to move forward.

  • I'm scared I'm making the wrong choices!

  • I've made some design decisions, but am unsure what to do next.

  • I'd like the opinion of a designer before making any purchases.

  • I'd like for a designer to go to a showroom with  me and help make decisions.

If this sounds like you, then let's set up a discovery call!

We want you to use these 10 hours in the best way possible for YOU! This is your time and your project, we are here to help guide you through it!

  • This fee is for a minimum of 10 hours.

  • After the first 10 hours are met, an hourly rate will be provided.

  • All time will be tracked in detail and given to the client.

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