Welcome to our interior design and home decor blog, MelRose + Co.! We are so excited that you are here and starting this journey with us. We have been best friends since junior high and over the years have had countless conversations about life, our careers, and what will make us happy. The one thing that we kept coming back to was our mutual love of home decor and design, but as you know, talk is talk and nothing will get done unless we put the plans to action. I think it took the realization that we are thirty, in a whole NEW DECADE, to really push us. We HAD to take the first step if we wanted to make our dreams come true.

Starting a new business for the first time is scary. There are so many questions and so much unknown... What are the first steps? Is everything we are doing legal? How much will we need to invest? Where will we be in 5,10 years?...BUT here we are, after months and months of planning, officially online posting our first blog post!

Our goal is to bring beauty into your life; Through interior design and home decor, cooking, art, relationships and all the good and bad that life has to offer. Our posts will be full of inspiration, the projects we take on, and personal stories of love, success, failure and how we got to where we are today.

We truly believe that we have so much to offer, as a team and individually. We are talented, humble, followers of Jesus, creative and have a huge desire to bring more beauty and love into this crazy world we live in. You can literally find good in anything, if you're open to it. We hope that by following our new journey, you will be encouraged, motivated and ready to see life beautifully.

We have so many wonderful things planned for ourselves and for you and really hope you stick around. =)

With Love,

Melissa and Chantiel

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