Something About Fall

Ok, so we don't know what it is, but there's something about Fall that just makes our hearts happy. From the beautiful foliage, the crisp air, or maybe the sense we get that time is slowing down. OR, it could just be that we're in Los Angeles and well temperatures rarely break 70 degrees during the day, so it's one of those grass is greener scenarios??? Whatever it is, we just love fall. We've been fall dreaming and getting inspired by some pretty fall exteriors, and thought we would share.

The great thing about fall, is that it's really not that hard to transition your decor into the season. Just add some cozy throws and pillows, some white, reddish, and orange flowers, some lanterns, and throw in some pumpkins and voila, you're fall ready. Also, no need to do much maintenance on your yard, let the leaves land where they may and enjoy the view. Here is some front porch inspiration to get you going.

We appreciate you!


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