Love Covers All

We had to take a step back yesterday and quiet our hearts to mourn and reflect. One of the things we agreed on when starting this business was that we would be a business that brings change. We believe that change can happen even with small but genuine actions. One of our missions as a business is to be kind and shine a light. This world can be ugly and evil but we have a living hope in God and in love. Love is so powerful. We encourage you today to not focus on the evil, but on love, when we focus on love we are able to overcome the evil. We are in awe of the love that manifested on the streets of Las Vegas, the selflessness and sacrifice that took place left us without words. May that serve as an example of how we should live everyday. We continue to pray for the people affected by this tragedy, and we will honor those lives by putting some love into the world. Go hug someone, smile, say hello, pay for someone's coffee, whatever your heart is led to do...there are always opportunities to love. Every person is an opportunity. Here are some ways you can help with this tragedy: people have donated a lot of food and food donations are being turned away, if you are able to donate blood, and or money please do so. So many families are being left to deal with planning unanticipated funerals or caring for a loved one who is now injured and in need of medical attention. Here is a gofundme link, where you can donate to all the victims.

Sending you all virtual hugs! ❤️

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