Timeless Interior Design

Interior design trends come and go, and it's not always easy to keep up with them, just ask our bank accounts! Fear not! You can achieve a stylish space without constantly having to update or spend a lot of money on furniture. There is such a thing as timeless decor and in order to achieve this, you just have to remember 3 things.

1. Neutral Colors

Keep a mostly neutral color palette with your big item decor pieces and choices. Colors like, White, Grey, Beige, and even Greige. Your paint color and large furniture should stay within a neutral color palette. Does the thought of this scare you? Is the word bland coming to mind? We promise it's not. If you go with a monochromatic look, you will end up with a warm and inviting space. If you need a little more drama, just add accents. Accents are a fun way to bring some color, character, and trendy pieces into the mix without spending too much money. Having a neutral palette gives you the freedom to freshen things up whenever you want, instead of having to get a completely new look.

2. Subtle Elements

Timeless interior design does not mean you cannot wet your toes into other interior design styles, like modern or traditional. You can still incorporate elements of a design style you like, without making it too trendy. Be subtle. Use a few elements here and there, but don't go too crazy. For example, if you like the bohemian look, you can achieve a timeless bohemian look by using a neutral color couch, a wood square table, but adding in accents that incorporate the bohemian look, like patterned pillows.

3. Soft Pieces

There are some very creative and beautiful pieces of furniture out there, but these unique pieces don't always stand the test of time. In order to keep your space timeless, we suggest using natural shapes, think circles, ovals, square, and rectangles. Avoid anything too rigid or oddly shaped. In other words, it should fit in well but not stand out.

We hope this was helpful! Let us know if you have any questions in the comments.

We appreciate you!