MelRose DIY: Your Thanksgiving Table

IT'S ALMOST THANKSGIVING and we couldn't be more excited! There is nothing better than being surrounded by the people you love, showing gratitude, and enjoying a delicious meal. Not to mention, it's the one day a year where no one will judge you for indulging in multiple plates of food. ;)

Another exciting part about Thanksgiving is the opportunity to create a new tablescape every year. In the past we've used flower arrangements, candles and beautifully displayed trays of food. This year, we wanted to get in touch with our crafty side and decided to extend the life of our Halloween pumpkins. We used three different sized pumpkins, paint, tulle, and greenery to create a Thanksgiving tablescape that is sure to be our fav for a long time to come! There are so many beautiful colors, textures and scents that just draw you in and create a space that people want to be in.

Here's how we created our Thanksgiving Tablescape:

What you will need:

3 regular sized pumpkins

3 medium sized pumpkins

6 small pumpkins

White Paint (or white pumpkins if you can find them)

Paint brushes

3 yards of tulle per regular pumpkin (we chose blush, light gray, and deep purple)

Floral wire (we used regular crafting wire, but it was harder to hide)

Clear hair elastics

Flowers & Greenery


Step One: Paint the pumpkins white and allow to dry.

Step Two: Wrap pumpkins with tulle. We used a pleating method. As you go around the pumpkin create a pleat with the tulle and hold it at the top. Keep going around and then tie the top with a clear hair elastic.

Step Three: Re-enforce the top where the tulle is gathered by using the wire. Wrap the wire around a few times and then leave about a foot of extra wire sticking out. Use that wire to attach the flowers. We used regular crafting wire, but flower wire would be easier to hide, or if you have a glue gun you can glue the flowers on.

Step Four: Arrange the greenery on the table as a runner as full or minimal as you desire. We wanted a lush wild look. We went to Trader Joe's for the greenery. They had some options, but not as much as we had hoped for. We used Eucalyptus, which is beautiful and smells divine, but your guests may be sensitive to the smell.

Step Five: Set up your place settings.

How have you decorated your Thanksgiving table in the past?

We are so thankful for you!



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