Showing Gratitude

Does this week have anyone else feeling a little more grateful? With Thanksgiving just around the corner, our hearts are filled with joy and gratitude. We have so many wonderful things to be thankful for - God, our family and friends, and the opportunity to be on this MelRose + Co. journey together and with you.

Showing gratitude is a quality we try to embrace everyday of the year and although some days are harder than others, we try to stay positive and thank God and the people in our lives for being there. In any situation, there is always something to be thankful for, even if it takes awhile to find the good in the bad.

Thanksgiving is a day that brings the people we love together and allows us to give thanks in ways we may not normally do. It also opens our eyes to what really matters in life - family, love, and faith. No matter who you spend Thanksgiving with, or any day of the year for that matter, there are so many thoughtful ways to show your gratitude.

Sometimes finding a way to say thank you can be tough. You may be in a new relationship and wondering what to bring your significant others family, or a friend welcomed you into their home, or maybe your parents have spent all day slaving away in the kitchen. We want to show our appreciation, but how? Saying "Thank You" is always appreciated by others, but what else can you do? Here is a list of thoughtful and creative ways to give thanks.

1. A hand written letter or note

We live in the digital age, which means taking your time to write out a letter or card

is a great way to really express your appreciation.

2. A thoughtful gift

Put together a gift basket with items you know the host enjoys. The one pictured is from, and it has everything you need for coffee on Christmas morning.

3. Bake something

Nothing says I care more then home baked goods ;) Don't worry about how perfect they need to look, it's all about that love you put into it

and some home-baked goodness. YUM!

4. Offer to help

We know this one is a given, but sometimes we over look it because it's so common. Always offer to help with setting up or cleaning up. Even if the host refuses to accept,

it is a wonderful gesture.

5. Keep the memory alive

Take a candid photo from the night and mail it to them or bring a frame for them to put a photo in to remember the occasion.

6. Give a toast

Make it funny or sentimental, either way this is a classic and beautiful way to say thank you.

7. Donate to a charity in their name

This is one of our favorites! Donate to their favorite organization or if you are unsure of it donate to one of yours, then send them a thank you card with the name of the organization you donated to. Number one rule is: stay humble, no need to let them know the amount. :)

8. Give back to the community

This one is probably our favorite. Giving back, or as some say, paying it forward, is a great way to show you appreciation for the blessings you have.

We Appreciate You!