MelRose Loves: Christmas Mantles

Hello! It's already December 5th, but some of you may still be figuring out how to decorate your home. Mantle's are the icing on the cake when it comes to Christmas decor. You don't NEED one, but if you have one, it can be SO much fun decorating them. Christmas decor is just another facet of interior design, it can be traditional, modern, or even minimal. You can go outside the little red and green box and still have your home feeling Christmasy. We've put together some of our favorite looks to give you some holiday inspo.

Updated Traditional -

This look keeps the cozy and warmth of traditional Christmas decor, while making it a little more updated and less grandma's house. The key here is lots of pieces, but within the same color scheme and usually muted monochromatic colors.

Farmhouse -

We love the farmhouse style. It's also cozy, but in a more casual way. You don't have to be afraid of breaking something and it all comes together very easily. We love the Holiday themed quotes over the mantel.

Modern/Minimalist -

Yes my modern kings and queens, you can have the modern look and ditch the Christmas clutter. This look is very clean, monochromatic, and well..minimal. Greenery and candles are really all you need to create this look, but you can be a little more creative if you would like.

What is your go to look? Do you choose a different theme every year? We would love to hear from you.

We appreciate you!