MelRose DIY: Let it Snow Christmas Tablescape

We love decorating for Christmas! It's part of what makes Christmas so special. Some of our favorite memories take place during the preparation, so creating these tablescapes to share with you all has been so much fun!

When deciding on the theme for this Christmas, we knew we wanted something simple and elegant, with a little bit of Christmas magic. We live in Los Angeles, so we're always dreaming of a white Christmas (you always want what you can't have!), so we thought we would create a bit of a snowy Christmas forest.

The result was a runner made up of pine branches, scattered pine cones, and 'snowy' Christmas tree cake pops, and more 'snow'!! To warm things up a bit, we created a hot chocolate bar as well for our guests to enjoy after dinner.

What you will need for the tablescape:

1. Christmas tree branches - We headed to the nearest Christmas tree lot, and they were so kind and allowed us to take some of the branches they had cut while trimming trees. Some places also sell them, but if you are purchasing a tree you can just ask them for the branches they trim from your tree.

2. Pine cones - We had collected some from outside, but you can also find artificial ones at a craft store.

3. A white unscented (or lightly scented) soap bar.

4. A Cheese grater

5. Floral foam

6. Tree shaped cake pops - We teamed up with Stephanie Oropeza (@stephipoppins) who created these enchanting tree shaped cake pops that completed the tablescape perfectly.


1. Put some Christmas music on, because you can't decorate for Christmas without some Christmas music!

2. Arrange the branches as a runner on your table

3. Place the pine cones throughout the greenery

4. We had 10 cake pops, so we cut out about 1 in. long and half in. thick pieces of floral foam for each cake pop. You'll want to test out the thickness of the foam to make sure your cake pop doesn't topple over.

5. Place the foam and cake pops throughout. We wanted it to look like a forest, so we spread them out and made them of varying heights. Cover any foam that is peaking through with the pine branches.

6. In a separate bowl, grate the white bar of soap to create 'snow'

7. Scatter the 'snow' throughout the greenery and pine cones. Be careful not to get the soap on your cake pops as those will double as dessert! ;) Scattering the 'snow' was our favorite part!! It was so relaxing!

Christmas Forest Hot Chocolate Bar Cart

What you will need:

1. Christmas tree branches

2. Pine Cones

3. Hot Chocolate

4. Marshmallows

5. Candy Canes

6. Other treats - We had some Santa hat shaped Hershey kisses, sugar cookies, and donut holes. YUM

7. Mugs and a Coffee server or carafe

8. A themed sign

9. Christmas decorations

10. A bar cart (or any flat surface) of course!

We hope our Christmas tablescape inspires you to dress up your dining space and entertain. Christmas is all about spending time with loved ones and enjoying the magic of the holidays, after all!

We appreciate you!!



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