MR Loves: Acrylic

Acrylic is not a new trend, but it's definitely evolving and we love it! There are so many ways to incorporate this modern material into your space. We are all about balance, so we are going to give you some options on how to add Acrylic to your decor.

Level: Just a Hint

Introduce some acrylic into your home by adding smaller elements. You can add some acrylic lamps to your side tables, a fun bar cart, or even as picture frames for a sleek gallery wall.

Level: Not Ready to Commit

You know you really really like acrylic, but still need to keep it a little low key. We would suggest side bench tables, coffee tables, and decorative ladders for your trinkets and pictures.

Level: Acrylic Gives Me Life

So you can't get enough acrylic? We get it. Go big with a mostly acrylic dining room, or even a bedroom! Heeeey! The key with making this work, is to get larger acrylic pieces, instead of lots of smaller ones.

And because we love shopping, and we know you do too, here are some great options:

Towel Bar




Hexagon Side Table