Outdoor Furniture that Will Make You Go OOoo

Not sure where you live, but it feels like full blown summer in Los Angeles! We've had sunny days in the 80's and after being indoors for almost 2 months now, we are so excited to step into our outdoor living spaces. Outdoor furniture has a tendency to all look pretty similar, so we want to provide some options that will keep things a little more interesting. Whether you already have something to work with, or bare bones, we are going to share some of our favorites.

Design by Modern Glam Home
Design by Modern Glam Home

In order to really spend time outdoors, seating has to be your priority. We know this is dependent on the amount of space you have to begin with, but below are some options for different sized spaces

Practicality is important, but let's make it fun, we love these unique chairs!

Do you already have some seating and are looking into making your space a bit more captivating? We loved these options!

All you need to finish up your space are some planters, an outdoor area rug, and a light feature...oh and maybe a cocktail. We cannot wait to host again! Summer may not look as planned, but we are so looking forward to making the most of it and we hope you are too!